Live a New Life – Chapter 02

Here’s a short chapter xD

-Grim’s POV-

Hmmm… This is weird. I can definitely feel that one’s presence in this place.

I looked at the city wall in front of us. The situation in this place is also peculiar. Seeing different races entering the gates, I pondered what happened. It is not unusual to see different races to mingle with each other but the seeing the demon race among them is something I wouldn’t expect at all.

“Grim” the little girl in my arms poke my face.

“Yes, Ri?” I looked at her and asked.

“Why are you carry me? I can walk on my own you know,” she said with a pout.

Ah, this child is adorable. It is just a shame that she sometimes switches. She doesn’t seem to have multiple personalities but sometimes… [CONTINUE]


LNL – Chapter 1

[Crackle… Crackle..]

I looked at the burning forest with an emotionless eyes.

I wonder why I did I burn it? I knew that it is an important place because that is where mother and I live all this time. So, why?

To make sure no one else can take it from me, maybe? Arhg, I don’t know, but I just felt like burning it.

My mother just died, and I felt lonely being left by her. I also somewhat resent her for not letting me follow her.

Ah, even though I am just an eight years old child, why won’t I just cry because of losing my mother? Why won’t I become childlike, and just brawl in tears? Why did I get over her death just like that?

Is it because Ria has those weird memories? Is it because… [Continue]

LNL – Prologue

Here you go!!! I hope this goes well!!

“Mama, wake up!” I shake my mother as I try to wake her up. I’ve been trying to wake her up for about an hour now, but there’s still no response.

Darn it! Master wasn’t around, and I don’t know anyone else other than her. I don’t know who, and where I should ask for help.

Mother is suffering from an illness that I don’t know what it is called. Master told me before that it was something from my Mother… [CONTINUE]


I wanted to write a new story… So, here I am posting this one. The title of this story is ‘Live a New Life.’

Here’s the synopsis:

A demi-human who was living with her mother in a secluded place in a forest until her mother’s death.

After her mother’s death, how will this child, who is just at the age of eight live in a place she isn’t familiar with? In a situation where she doesn’t know anyone, will the memories of her from her past life be useful or will they just be a burden?

Lost: Moonlight Chapter 03 part 2

Hahaha… Here’s the rest of chapter 03:

Avalon is a school located in a neutral territory between the four great nations. It is a place where most nobles and talented people studies. From crafts to specialized fields, Avalon caters them all.

In this school, three dorms exist. These dorms are:

Luna, the all-girls dorm, a place where nobles daughters reside, and no boys are allowed to enter at all cost;

Solis, the noble-all-boys dorm, where girls are always welcome, if and only if, one is in a relationship with a residence; and

Cael, the general dorm, it is a no gender and status restriction dorm.

With the reason that the first  …

Lost: Moonlight – Chapter 00, 01, and 02

Hi there,

Here’s a story I am currently writing.


She is a child that never felt that she belong to her own world. She is aloof and always alone. At the night when the moon shines its brightest, she saw things that amazed and terrified her.

At the wrong place and at the wrong time, she saw two humans(?) appeared out of nowhere and begun to fight. Their battle was nothing close to ordinary – fireballs and gust of wind, and monsters attacking each other- simply our of the ordinary.

Caught by this trouble, she faces death. Will she survive? Or will she just disappear while the war in another world continues.

Lost: Moonlight – Chapter 00 Part 1

Lost: Moonlight – Chapter 00 Part 2

Lost: Moonlight – Chapter 01 Part 1

Lost: Moonlight – Chapter 01 Part 2

Lost: Moonlight – Chapter 02 Part 1

Lost: Moonlight – Chapter 02 Part 2




Minister Family’s Black Belly Woman 1

Just read this Novel – minister family’s back belly woman, and I really like it! Try reading it too. XD


I am a newbie in translating novel, so I will apologize in advance if there are any mistakes in my translation. This novel is quite hard to translate for me so I hope you understand my difficulty in updating the chapters fast.

Thank you for your willingness to read.


Chapter One

The heavy downpour of rain made the whole Long capital city covered by a layer of gauze. Chen Ninghua knelt on the ground, lifting her head to look at the woman who sat on the throne of the Feng Yi Palace, her eyes filled with piercing ice-cold radiance. “Chen Linghan, I really did not think that you are this impatient. I just gave the power in my hands to Baili Jinze and he let you come to deal with me.”

There had been people early in the beginning that advised that the emperor was heartless, do not trust…

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